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CapeTown Records

Recording Artist

Mon' Trell

MonTrell was born and raised in (North) Jackson, MS. MonTrell has always been surrounded by music and musical Instruments and he comes from a very talented family. Not only does MonTrell sing but MonTrell also plays a list of instruments. MonTrell plays Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Trumpet, Cornet, and also Piano.

MonTrell was introduced to one of the owners of CapeTown Records and MonTrell immediately blew both of the owners away with his singing ability and style. So much so, that CapeTown Records welcomed MonTrell, as one of the artists on its roster, with opened and caring arms. In 2018 CapeTown Records released MonTrell's first single "Can I Take You Home" and it definitely made some noise on the radio. Now MonTrell has completed a few more singles. The next one was entitled "Let's Go Dancing" which features Andre' Lee. Next he released "Girl Come Go With Me" and he is now releasing "Just Right Girl". CapeTown Records is now working toward completing MonTrell's first complete CD.

MonTrell's favorite quote is " Find a way to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness". Well MonTrells love for music and his fans will ensure that he serves the many.

Stay on the lookout for CapeTown Records Recording Artist MonTrell, because when the "Music is Right and the Feeling is Tight" there ain't no telling what MonTrell might do for his audience.

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