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CapeTown Records

Recording Artist

Andre' Lee​

Andre’ Lee was born in Chicago, IL and moved to Mississippi at an early age. At the age of 25 he joined the group “Freedom” who at that time was signed to Malaco Records. 

Andre’ Lee later moved to Houston, TX and became a member of the TSU Tornadoes where he played the guitar and was the lead vocalist. Andre’ Lee also played with another band named “Perfect Timing”.

Andre’ Lee has been an opening act for such artists as Bobby Rush, Willie Clayton, Calvin Richardson, Sir Charles Jones, Denise LaSalle, Michael Henderson, The Bar-Kay’s, and a host of others. Now Andre’ Lee is working on Southern Soul Shows with his live Band and Show as well as a dynamic Track Show.

In 1995 Andre’ Lee produced his first CD entitled “So Good” on Avanti Records. “So Good” featured hits like “Take Hold Of Your Live” and I’m Going Crazy”.

In 2002 Andre’ Lee joined up with Sir Charles Jones where he played a unique flavor on lead guitar. In 2003 he signed with Mardi Gras Records and produced his sophomore CD entitled “Simply Dre”. “Simply Dre” featured hits like “Pony Ride” and “You’re So Special”.

In 2005 Andre’ Lee along with a long-time friend formed the gospel group ‘Mint 2 B’. He co-wrote and produced their Gospel CD entitled “Walking By Faith”. “Walking By Faith” featured the gospel sensation “Keep My Faith In Jesus”.

In 2008 Andre’ Lee released another Southern Soul CD entitled “Straight From The Heart” on CapeTown Records, which features hits like “One Night Stand” and the love song “Southern Soul Man.

In 2012 Andre’ Lee signed with Coday Records and has released a 5th CD project titled “Stories Of Life”, (his senior Southern Soul CD) with songs likes “Man In The Drawer”, “4 Way Love Affair”, and “Shake What You Got” just to name a few. This CD will be the one that will keep dancers - dancing, steppers - stepping, and lovers – loving each other.

In 2015 Andre' Lee released his 6th CD Project titled "The Truth".  Although he was still working along with Coday Records, he decided to go back and release this CD on CapeTown Records with love to Coday Records. This CD has many HIT BOUND singles like "My Girl", "It's Going Down", "You Went and Did It", & "Tell Me What You Need" just to name a few.

Andre' Lee is still working with his own label, CapeTown Records, which also has other artists signed to it. In 2019 Andre' Lee began working on his 7th CD project. (which is still untitled). Andre' Lee has release singles from the future 7th CD like "Do Something Freaky", "I'm Better", "I miss My Baby", "Finger Lickin Lovin", "I Won't Give You Up", and "Say What You Want". These songs are just right for anyone who has ever been in love and are still there or if you have lost that love. Get ready to pick up Andre' Lee's 7th CD as soon as it is titled and released. If you have not done so, GET READY FOR ANDRE' LEE because he is definitely ready for YOU!!!!

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